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Our website is designed to help you find all the information you need to know related to plastic and cosmetic surgery. The topics we cover range from Resources pages, which contain answers to frequently asked plastic surgery patients’ questions, to very specific information on plastic surgery procedures should you decide that a cosmetic surgery is the right choice for you.

As a plastic surgery is a major event in every patient’s life, we strive for providing you with as much information as possible for you to have a holistic picture of what your surgery will be like – from your very first appointment with one of our plastic surgeons to your post-surgery appointments. For that reason, we have detailed information on prices of various plastic surgery procedures, information on how to determine the best plastic surgeons for your individual needs, as well as info about how to financing your plastic surgery procedure. Additionally, you have the chance to get all of your questions personally answered by our top cosmetic surgeons – so, please, ask away! For before and after pictures of recent plastic surgery procedures, we kindly ask you to contact our office or come by personally to go through our collection.

With our team of internationally renowned plastic surgeons always being at the forefront of implementing the latest advances in plastic surgery, we achieve some of the most extraordinary results in the industry. Now it is up to you to convince yourself that Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon is the best plastic surgeon in Knoxville, TN, and that by choosing to undergo plastic surgery with our expert team, you will receive the very best treatment you can get.

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Our Credo At Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon


Our plastic surgery team at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon believes that every human being has the birth right to look and feel the way they truly want. For many people this is not quite possible, however. And many times it’s not something they could be blamed for – it’s in their genes. If you fall into that category, you will understand how nature sometimes appears to turn against us, leaving us with flaws that make life hard to cope with. And this is exactly what we don’t want for YOU – coping. We want you to live a life full of joy and amazing experiences that allow you to thrive in your environment and contribute your gifts to the world.
All this is only possible, though, if you feel comfortable in your own skin. To achieve this can be nerve-wrecking. And that is why we, one of the very best plastic surgeons in Knoxville, TN, use cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques and methods to allow for the most successful and stress-free surgeries. Putting the patient first has earned us numerous awards in the past and attracted clients from all over the world to undergo cosmetic surgery with us here in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Choose a plastic surgery with us and regain possession over YOUR life, by letting our cosmetic surgeons deliver the results that YOU want. YOU are the protagonist, the star, the hero, of your own life – all we do is help you SEE and FEEL it.

The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

We Perform At 

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Tummy Tuck

If there is one plastic surgery procedure our experts at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon are most renowned for, it is the Tummy Tuck procedure, also known as Abdominoplasty. Over the years we have performed thousands of highly successful Tummy Tuck procedures in Knoxville, with patients flying in from all over the globe. The reason for this are not just our expertise and the stellar results we obtain, but also the variety in Abdominoplasty procedures we offer. As can be found under Procedures, the Tummy Tucks we offer range from Apronectomy to Vertical Abdominoplasty.

Most of the time, patients who choose an Abdominoplasty come to us after having subjected themselves to a rigorous diet which resulted in a major weight loss in a relatively short period of time, or after having had a weight loss or bariatric surgery. In all three cases, changing diet and exercise are simply not enough. Neither diet nor exercise is capable of reducing the large amounts of excess skin on the patients’ abdomen.
All of these patients have trusted us to take care of the problem by means of one of our various Tummy Tuck procedures. And the results speak for themselves. Contact our office for before and after pictures as well as to read some of our patients’ testimonials.

Every once in a while a patient comes to us for a tummy tuck procedure that is specifically geared towards repairing weak or separated abdominal muscles. Impaired abdominal muscles are often the result of a genetic defect, a severe injury in the abdominal region, or – and that’s the most common case we encounter – a previously undergone, botched plastic surgery. Both genetics and severe accidents are not something that you have control over. However, what plastic or cosmetic surgeon you eventually choose is entirely your decision.

We therefore strongly advise against selecting your plastic surgeon based on price. What we mean by that, is to not be lured in by offers for cosmetic surgery procedures that sound too good to be true. Before making a final decision, always check the background of the particular cosmetic surgeon as well as whether the advertised cost covers all the fees included in your desired plastic surgery treatment.

Instead, we recommend selecting your plastic surgeon based on board-certification, experience, expertise, results and whether or not you feel you are in good hands once you’ve met the surgeon and his.  Probably, the most important element in this list is board-certification. In our opinion it is absolutely critical to make sure that the plastic or cosmetic surgeon you choose is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Adhering to this advice will almost inevitably take care of the remaining relevant criteria for selecting the right plastic surgeon.

One of the most incredible facts to know about Tummy Tuck patients, as revealed in a study, is the remarkable boost of self-confidence and self-esteem they experience post-surgery. Considering that many patients, who come to us for a Tummy Tuck, have a lot of unsightly, excess skin on their abdomen, a Tummy Tuck can literally do wonders. A lot of our previous patients described their post-surgery condition – when they still had all the unwanted, sagging skin – as having another body superimposed on their actual body; as if they were carrying around a second person. Taking this weight off their shoulders through one of our Tummy Tuck procedures is always a transformative experience – not just for the patient itself, but also for our surgeon and team carrying out the treatment. This is what we call transforming a life in a matter of hours. It’s simply life-changing!

In addition to self-confidence and self-esteem skyrocketing, having the overhanging “apron” of skin removed leads to a physical relief that often goes far beyond what patients had expected. Therefore, having one’s excess skin removed has a tremendously positive effect on both your body and your psyche. All of this is just a small sample of the benefits of undergoing a tummy tuck and yet it already reveals why tummy tuck patients are considered some of the HAPPIEST patients across all plastic surgery treatments being carried out.

Now it’s up to YOU to decide whether or not you want to count yourself among the HAPPIEST plastic surgery patients. And if you DO, we would like to offer you our services. Being rated the top board-certified plastic surgeon in Knoxville, we have the skills and experience to turn YOUR life around and bring out the best in YOU.

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Liposuction procedures are among the most popular and frequently selected plastic surgery procedures at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon. This can be attributed to various factors including the technique our plastic surgeons use for Liposuction procedures which allows for outstanding, lasting results and greatly reduces the risk of complications usually involved with this kind of procedure. For instance, using a 3mm instead of a 5mm cannula for suctioning out the fat made a huge difference, especially since many patients choose to combine Liposuction with fat grafting (fat transfer). Using a 3mm cannula allows us to specifically target viable fat cells, to extract and then inject them into areas that lack in volume. This ensures the most successful and long-lasting fat grafting results.

There are several areas in which Liposuction (and fat grafting) can be performed. Just to name a few, you can choose among or combine legs, thighs, hips, stomach, lower back, arms, face, and a lot more.

Another reason for the popularity of Liposuction is the rather speedy recovery patients experience when compared to patients who selected a Tummy Tuck procedure. In most cases, recovery takes about two weeks, with you starting to walk at the very same day you underwent surgery. This translates into fewer mobility impairments, less interruption of your day-to-day schedule – including time off work and exercise routines -, as well as an overall more comfortable and stress-free recovery period.

Moreover, it’s the incredible results we have been achieving with Liposuction that rank this procedure among patients’ favorite plastic surgery procedures. After receiving more and more international plastic surgery requests, we decided to offer Skype consultations to connect with patients, regardless of their physical location. In doing so, we have been answering thousands of patients’ questions and preparing patients for their upcoming plastic surgery with us in Knoxville, Tennessee. To convince yourself of the consistently outstanding Liposuction results we have been obtaining, we recommend contacting our office in Knoxville, or dropping by in person to go through our collection of before and after photos of some of our patients.

On top of all that, our plastic surgery team at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon offers discounts should you choose several areas that you want us to perform Liposuction on. In addition to making the treatment more affordable, selecting several areas at once has the added benefit of undergoing surgery only once. What that means, is that even though our surgeons make more than one incision, overall there is less cost involved – as the surgery facility, anesthesia, etc. are only paid for once – while the period of convalescence remains the same, approximately 2 weeks.

Always searching for better methods and technology to improve plastic surgery procedures and to make it an affordable experience for every patient, our board-certified plastic surgeons have acquired international renown. If YOU would like to have Liposuction performed by the best board-certified plastic surgeons in Knoxville, TN, and have equally amazing results as thousands of patients before you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our top plastic surgeons.

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Mommy Makeover

One of the most life-changing and therefore incredibly popular plastic surgery procedures among women is the Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to rejuvenate a woman’s body by eliminating unwanted remnants of pregnancy in some areas while enhancing other areas that have lost in shape or volume, i.e. the breasts. Procedures that can be included in your Mommy Makeover are Liposuction – possible in many different areas-, Tummy Tuck – we offer several types you can choose from-, breast surgery – breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction -, and lifts such as thigh lift, butt lift, face lift, and many more.

Since every woman is unique and has different needs, no two Mommy Makeover surgeries are the same. For you to select and combine the procedures that are tailored to YOU, we recommend addressing the topic in depth in your consultation with one of our surgeons at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon. It’s great to know beforehand what types of procedures you would like to include. Yet, at the same time it is important to listen to the feedback you will get from our plastic surgeon, as it will reveal whether or not your desired outcome lies within reach.

Over the years, we have experienced a steady increase in women selecting the Mommy Makeover as their preferred cosmetic surgery procedure. The reasons, again, are manifold. On top of the list are probably the extraordinary results that we have been achieving over the past years. New technology and tools, as well as constantly improved methods of performing plastic surgery have allowed us to now be able to address the tiniest flaws and imperfections, bringing women a giant step closer to their subjective peak of perfection.

Another reason for more women considering a Mommy Makeover nowadays is the result of fewer restrictions by society, allowing women to more openly express, and execute on, their desire for higher standards in beauty. Aiding in this upward trend is the greater affordability of plastic surgery these days. Plastic and cosmetic surgery are no longer exclusively accessible to the rich and famous in society. Following our example, more and more of our colleagues strive to make cosmetic surgery available to the public at large by offering financing plans as well as discounts for patients electing a combination of plastic surgery procedures.

An additional benefit of a Mommy Makeover surgery is that all areas on your body that you are not happy with can be addressed in a single surgery instead of having to undergo multiple separate surgeries. That means, only ONE surgery and only ONE recovery period for all of the combined procedures – generally, with the most invasive procedure determining its duration. In addition, the more procedures you choose to combine, the greater the discounts we offer, and the sooner you will look your very best.

If you think this type of procedure could be the perfect fit for your particular situation, and you want only the very best results possible, we strongly recommend choosing only the very best plastic surgeons in Knoxville, our surgeons at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Financing for cosmetic surgery procedures is widely available to our patients. Learn how you can apply for this low-interest financing program for elective procedures.









The Solution – Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon

Since our founding in 2001, our plastic surgery team has been acquiring renown as THE avant-garde cosmetic surgeons in the Knoxville area, specializing in Tummy Tuck (or Abdominoplasty), Liposuction, and Mommy Makeover procedures. The results our plastic surgeons have been achieving with our various abdominoplasty procedures alone have exceeded all expectations – for both patients and surgeons. Over the years, it has become a regular occurrence to either have former patients personally drop by our office or call us months or years after their plastic surgery with us to express their gratitude for the great results we have delivered. Patients who had undergone plastic surgery with another plastic surgeon or even multiple other surgeons before coming to us, mentioned that the entire process at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon – from first consultation to post-surgery check-ups – was unlike anything they had ever experienced before.

When we inquired about how our patients would describe their experience with us, these are only a few of the answers we received:

“not at all stressful, amazing experience, EXACTLY what I wanted, had a great connection with the surgeons and team, I loved the expertise and professionalism” and answers like “Almost right after meeting the team I knew that I wanted the surgeons at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon to carry out my plastic surgery procedure.” and “As a patient I could feel that they REALLY cared about me throughout the entire process. Even at my very last check-up. I can only HIGHLY recommend them!”

If YOU want YOUR plastic surgery experience to be as amazing as the ones of thousands of former patients who underwent plastic surgery with us, we encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation with us TODAY!





What Our Top Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Team In Knoxville Will Do For You

Our plastic surgery team at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon offers you to completely start over with your life. Our various Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, and Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) procedures allow you to get EXACTLY what YOU want! Always putting our patients first, surgeries are designed to be as comfortable and professional as possible, so you will be absolutely satisfied with the results.

So, here’s our deal! YOU make the decision that you deserve an amazing body and an amazing life. Then, you schedule a consult with us as soon as possible, and we will prepare everything for your makeover. After you have scheduled your consultation, you will receive more information on what you can expect during the consultation and which documents you should bring. In your first consultation, you can ask our plastic surgeon all the questions you may have. Furthermore, you will be informed about what you need to prepare for the day of surgery and the period post-surgery, as well as whether any future pre-surgery check-ups are required. Simply put, you will get all the information you need to prepare yourself for a smooth and highly successful plastic surgery with our top plastic surgeons at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will gladly help you out. Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon is looking forward to hearing from you soon.




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